Rebekah, proud northern lass, actress and producer, big Star Wars fan, narrowboat home owner and drinker of much tea.

Rebekah is currently rehearsing for and producing All About and To A Female Artist, a piece that she has performed in before, she is working with alongside her conductor brother Dan Watson, for a one off performance on March 6th, 2020 at Birmingham Conservatoire.

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A strong actress, experienced in a wide range of characters, from Alison Porter (Look Back in Anger), to Christine Foskett (Absolute Hell), the comic and silly Carrie de Longue (CSI: London) to the evil and cunning Air Witch (Warrior Sisters).

Rebekah’s career has spanned 20 years, she has worked with touring companies, theatre in education, film and television.

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Frank Scantori

“…a dedicated performer… an actress of good potential and an energy to match her talent. Reliable, friendly, professional and accommodating are but a few of the words I would choose to describe this actress…”

Frank Scantori, Director

Terry McFadden

“…absolutely riveting to watch…”


Terry McFadden
Director, Look Back in Anger


“Rebekah’s Mephistopheles was courageous… she has to be complimented for the multiple roles she was required to portray… giving us a very ethereal creature using all the wiles at her command to entice and distract Faustus through seduction, threats and promises to secure the mans soul… an actress of potential.”

Graham Denote





Producing had a scattered appearance alongside Rebekah’s theatrical career until the recession changed the industry and the work dried up. With so many other actors in the same boat collaboration was a way to keep working. During this time Rebekah collaborated with Paul Dunn on a number of projects including the musical Voyage from Titan, the internet farce CSI: London. As things started to settle Rebekah had found a place in producing and she formed her own company Made by Imps. Work includes various pieces of theatre on the London Fringe, a theatrical collaboration based on Shelagh Delany’s work. Currently she has a documentary in early stages of pre-production and an exciting project that she can’t share just yet :o)

Bit of a Geek

Afternoon Tea with a Geek is my version of a lifestyle blog. Most lifestyle blogs are full of lovely ladies wearing fancy fashionable clothes and holding ridiculously expensive handbags – it’s not that. Realistically, the only time I’m well dressed, and accessorised, is when I’m acting, and someone else has dressed me.

It’s a collection of randomness, mostly Star Wars and geekiness, some mental health related and some random ramblings of a Northern lass.

If my acting career does not meet the dizzy heights of my dreams I’m hoping that I will at least have imparted a little entertainment here, my blog, my little piece of internet acreage (yes it’s a real word ‘acre’ with ‘age’ on the end, look it up I’m sure you’ll find it). Anyway, enjoy the random scribblings of a geek loving bi-polar actress, and a canalboat living Northern lass.



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