Bit of a Geek

Afternoon Tea with a Geek is my version of a lifestyle blog. Most lifestyle blogs are full of lovely ladies wearing fancy fashionable clothes and holding ridiculously expensive handbags – it’s not that. Realistically, the only time I’m well dressed, and accessorised, is when I’m acting, and someone else has dressed me.

It’s a collection of randomness, mostly Star Wars and geekiness, some mental health related and some random ramblings of a Northern lass.

If my acting career does not meet the dizzy heights of my dreams I’m hoping that I will at least have imparted a little entertainment here, my blog, my little piece of internet acreage (yes it’s a real word ‘acre’ with ‘age’ on the end, look it up I’m sure you’ll find it). Anyway, enjoy the random scribblings of a geek loving bi-polar actress, and a canalboat living Northern lass.